Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day 2009

First off, I want to thank everyone in our family and our friends that are serving our country and have served our country in the military. We love and appreciate what you have done to ensure our freedom and our safety here in America. What a huge blessing and example you are to all of us. For our 3 family members who are away in Iraq and Korea - we love you and pray for your safe return. I pray our boys can grow up to be men like you.

After my race on Saturday, we headed down to Tucson to spent the long weekend with my grandparents. They have a pool in their community and we planned to spend the weekend relaxing. We made it to the pool 4 times! We had SO MUCH FUN......and were THRILLED when Fafa decided to join us in the pool. He doesn't usually go into the pool with us - so it was a REAL - - - be prepared to swim with us AGAIN!

Just having fun in the sun!

Fafa on his way to see if Owen would swim with him. Owen LOVED the water.....but had it in his mind that he would ONLY swim with me!

Tess is doing so well swimming with her floatie. They start lessons on the first of June, so I'm excited to see how much she progresses this summer.

Porter is our little fish and loving jumping off the side of the pool into the deep end with his noodle!

Owen was sure a hard sell on leaving my took quite a lot of coaxing!

We had a wonderful weekend and want to say thank you to Fafa and Punkin for a great time. We hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. We send out hugs and kisses from everyone!

RACE DAY: May 23, 2009

Well, as most of you know I've decided to take up running seriously again, and this time I'm aiming at a marathon. After much advice from others who have taken the plunge and succeeded in completing a marathon, I decided to start with some small races. I ran my first 5k since college this last weekend and had a ball! I'm even super happy with my time. Here's a few pics, although not entirely flattering, of the big day!

Shortly before take off - I was way nervous. I go......

Rounding the last corner before the finish line - This is what I call the "ugly and hot" shot!

Headed to the finish line!

I DID IT!! Walking back to the stroller and my supportive family! Thanks for being there you guys!