Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Fresh Start

I know this year I don't win the award for updating the blog frequently.....it's been a rough year!

I am happy to report that things are going much better for us. We moved back to Kent, WA in June to look for work. We knew we'd have better luck here than in Arizona! After a few weeks of interviews, I ended up back with Dr. Robert Tanner, DDS in Issaquah, WA, this time as his office manager. (This is my FOURTH time working for him! I started out at age 19 scrubbing instruments, moved to dental assistant...and now on to admin!) I'm on my second week and really enjoying being back at work. It's been a fun role reversal for Brandon to be home with the kids. The kids are loving having daddy home. He is still pursuing work, but at least I'm out there and have a GREAT job. I can't begin to say how grateful I am that I have a good skill where I can go out and find a good paying job for our family in a time of need. It just reiterates the importance of women having the ability to work and provide when called upon. It has been a huge blessing to our family.

We are LOVING being near family again. We truly have realized how important it is to have them so close. I have told Brandon that we better learn to love the weather here because I don't want to leave ever again!!

We had the honor and blessing of Porter being baptized in June. What a super cool experience for the whole entire family! We feel fortunate that so many family members were able to participate in his special day. Thanks so much to everyone who was there!

I promise to keep this updated more frequently. There is just too much going on in our little one's lives that I don't want to miss documenting....must make note to self to not slack off again!

We hope this finds everyone doing well and happy. I will post a bunch of pictures on the side of the things we've been up to!