Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Holidays from the Mitchells: we are still alive!!

I know it has been MONTHS since I wrote on here.....alas....I have no earth-shattering excuse. I've just been busy. These last six months have flown by, yet they've been long at the same time! Go figure. Such is life with a young family. As most know, Brandon was laid off from his job in commercial construction in the spring after a long battle regarding the dishonestly in the company he worked for, and we moved back up to Seattle in pursuit of more work. Phoenix is flooded with these construction guys that are out of work. Although it was hard to leave Arizona, where we saw my grandparents quite frequently, we have really enjoyed being back "home." We have a plethora of family and friends here that have made this rather difficult year for us a great time. We whole-heartedly agree that far worse things could happen to our little family. Brandon has been pushing his resume for months now, in a whole slew of different fields, and we're hoping something comes up soon. He's been doing the Mr. Mom thing in the meantime. I was extremely fortunate to find a wonderful job here. We are both so grateful that I've got a great skill that I could tap into in a time of need. I'm back with Dr. Tanner in Issaquah and loving it there. Funny how things work out, I started with him back in 1996, and I plan to finish with him - or whoever takes over after him - a long time from now!

The kids are thriving at school and thank us daily for moving back to Seattle! We are only about a mile away from my oldest brother Chris and his family, who have 3 kids somewhat close to our kids' ages. They are fortunate enough to attend the same elementary school as their cousins. Who wouldn't love that? Porter is 8 and in 3rd grade and excelling as usual. He is our studier and thinker. We are both certain that this trait, most definitely, did not come from either of us! He is a super sweet child, who loves his Legos more than life, and loves to read. He is loving Cub Scouts and is only a couple projects shy of advancing to the next level. He is quiet and obedient. It's amazing how much he reminds me in every way of my brother Kevin. It's so neat to see family traits passed down. I'm proud to say that he is the bestest big brother any kid could ask for.

Tess is our 5-year-old little diva. She is so much fun, so girly, and so bossy at the same time! That, we are certain, comes from me! It's like watching a mini-me on a daily basis! What goes around, comes around...isn't that the saying?? She is in kindergarten this year and is really enjoying learning to read. She loves to socialize and won't let anyone do her hair but her. She loves to draw and color. We're seeing a little artist in our future! She loves that her father lets her choose her own outfits to wear to school. He will allow combinations that I would never let her walk out the door in! He wants her to be happy, I want her to match. This is why little girls love their dads!

Owen is 3 and is attending pre-school at my brother's house. His wife, Amy, is amazing and has her own pre-school. He knows all his letters, colors, and loves to sing the alphabet song. She is so good with him. We are fortunate to have him attend her school. He loves packing his backpack around and doing his "homework" when the other kids sit down to do theirs. He is the life of the party here at our house. He is so full of life and fun. He is definitely just like his father. He says the funniest things and has the amazing ability to make you feel like you are his favorite person. Just don't ask to borrow his Batcave or any of his Superheros. Those are off limits!

As this year ends and a new one begins we feel grateful for our family and all our loved ones. You all make life fun and enjoyable. If we've learned anything in the last year, it's that the people in our lives are the most important. Our relationships with others are what counts most. Money can be re-made. Our integrity is what matters. Standing up for honestly is what counts. We are grateful to have the Gospel in our lives and the example the Savior set forth for us to follow. We can only pray that we are doing our best in that endeavor. We hope this finds everyone doing well and happy! We look forward to another year with all of you in our lives! We plan on partying like it's 1999 tomorrow, and wish the best to you all as well!

The Mitchell Family