Sunday, July 20, 2008

Finally.......Our Own Home!

Well......yesterday we put money down on a house!!!  YAY - that means, in a few short all can actually write our address in your address books in......PEN!  I've joked for years that when I give out our address to always write in pencil, hence, it will change.  So, this is a big step for us.  We both love to move around and have enjoyed living in several different places in our lifetimes.  We are committing ourselves to being in one place for a long time.  It's actually quite liberating!  D.R. Horton is building it for us - kinda ironic, cuz Brandon used to work for them. 

We will be leaving our beloved Surprise to be on the east side of Phoenix, closer to work.  We are headed to the community of Queen Creek.  We've heard wonderful things about the area, and already have a friend living there who has coaxed me for over a year to move out there!  I'll post some pictures of the model home, but we are doing a few things different.  Keep watching for updated pics!  It should take about 4 months or so to build, so we will keep everyone updated on the, for now.....this is what it looks like.....

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Watch Out American Idol!

Call The Press......Owen Is Walking!!

Owen is way attached to his blanket!

He is SOOO CUTE when he walks.  He wobbles!

You can see, he's learned to get the remote and hang on to it: a true Mitchell Man!

So, Owen decided last Thursday night when Fafa and Punkin were here, that he would walk for them.  We've tried for months, and lo and behold - he'll do it for Punkin!  It was really exciting and we were all yelling and clapping.  So, for the first couple of days he thought he had to clap while he was walking!  He's learned that he doesn't have to do that anymore and is cruising all over the place now.  Yay Owen!

My Sweet Brandon

As you all know, I hit the jackpot when I married Brandon.  He is so good for me in so many different ways.  One thing I love about him is his constant desire to be learning something new.  I love to read, and am constantly working on a book with at least several hundred pages......  Brandon decided this week that he wants to try and read more.  He's not exactly the biggest reader around.  So, he headed out to the library the other night to pick up a couple of books.  To my delight, he came home with two books.  One was a Russian language book for him to brush up on his Russian......the other..........was a book on speed reading!  I thought that was kinda funny and had to share it!  Kudos to him for trying to race through something he doesn't particularly enjoy!

Go Diamondbacks!

                        You can see how close they were to the field!

Last week Brandon got way lucky and was able to get two SWEET tickets to a Diamondbacks game.  He got them, literally, 3 hours before the game and surprised Porter with a trip to the ballpark.  They had a ton of fun!  What little boy wouldn't love a day at the ballpark with their dad?!