Friday, March 21, 2008

Grandma Came!

In honor of my mother, who we just had a visit from, I've put these little puppies on our background!  She loves her dog Lucy, and this is the closest I could come to setting our backdrop to our recent visit from her!  She loves penguins too, but I couldn't find one!  Anyhow, Grandma came in on the 11th and stayed until the 17th.  We had a lot of fun with her, but we gave her our little cold bug and got her sick!  We owe her a big apology for that!  Sorry Grandma!  We love you and hope you are feeling better.  It was nice to see her since we hadn't seen her in almost a year.  The kids had fun doing some crafts with her and even made a yummy popcorn treat together.  It was nice to visit and catch up on each other.  One of these days we need to make it to their new home in Georgia.  We haven't been there yet.  

Tess had her first teeth cleaning last week and did wonderful.  I was actually shocked that she sat still and cooperated with the whole experience!  She came home with her bag of goodies, ate the floss, and has been cleaning the tile with
 her new toothbrush.  What a good little cleaner!

Porter also had his first T-ball practice and was sooo excited that he now has a cool baseball hat.  It's gonna take some practice to get the hang of running fast around the bases, though!  After he got to first base they told him to keep on running and so he proceeded to keep running straight instead of heading to second base!!  Time for dad to have some practice in the back yard!

Owen, sweet Owen, still won't walk.  In fact, he doesn't even want to stand up.  He scales the furniture standing on his knees and crawls like mad all over, but simply refuses to stand up and walk.  If you have him stand up next to something, he'll do it for about 10 seconds and then wants down.  One of these days, he'll realize how fun it is to move a bit faster.  I'm not worried - I was a late walker - so maybe he's just taking after his Momma.  

Brandon and I are doing well.  We're just trying to get everyone healthy again.  We all got some colds while my mother was here and we've been hacking for almost a week.  We're hoping this is the last cold for the winter.  It's supposed to be 88 today, so I'm hoping the heat kills the bug in our home.  My big news is that I donated 11 inches of my hair this week to Locks of Love - which makes wigs for children who have lost their hair during chemo and for other reasons.  I now have a fun new short hair-do!!  I also decided to go back to work part-time for awhile to put some money aside for a new home, so I got a job again in dentistry.  The kids are excited to spend a couple of days a week at their favorite friend's house.  She used to teach first and second grade, so we're excited for Tess to have some pre-school and Porter will have some fun stuff to work on during the summer too.  Maybe this will convince Owen to sleep in his port-a-crib that he hates so much!  We'll keep you posted!

Well, I promise I won't take so long before I post again - It's just been busy here!!

We love you all! 

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Owen!

We really can't believe our baby turned 1 today!  It is really crazy how fast this last year has gone by.  When he woke this morning, I ran into his room singing Happy Birthday, and he immediately stood up in his crib and started dancing to the song!  He is such a fun little boy.  We feel so fortunate to have him in our family.  Porter made sure that Owen got to do whatever he wanted to all day long.  Porter even asked me when he got home from school if I made Owen take a nap!  I had to explain to him that Owen is still little and wanting to take his naps!  I think his favorite part of the day was the constant singing.  I told Tess that every time we walked past Owen we had to sign Happy Birthday.  He loved it.

Owen enjoyed his day and was thrilled to have chicken and rice for dinner.  He loves anything with rice.  He loved all of his presents and new clothes.  We finished off the day with cupcakes and some fun visits with family on the ichat and the phone.  He was pooped and ready for bed by 6:50!  We sure love him and are looking forward to many more birthdays together.