Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Update On The House!

Obviously, this is the front of the house.

This is the big window in the Master bedroom and the view.

This is taken from the front living room - and the open rail shows the bonus room area.

Our back yard!  Not super big, but much bigger than what we have now!

This is taken from the bonus room looking down on to the front living room.

Last Friday night Brandon surprised us and came home for the weekend.  We took advantage of him being home to head out to the house and take a peaksy.  So, here's a few pics of the palace. It's not the whole house - but parts.  Don't ask me why we didn't take any of the rest of the house?!  We'll head back in a couple of weeks and take more pictures then!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Letters To Uncle Adam!

I have a ton of things to post, but wanted to do this one first.  We've had two family nights in a row working on letters to Uncle Adam who is on his mission in Lisbon, Portugal.  Porter drew a fantastic picture and it didn't photograph well, so I took a little video!  We love you Uncle Adam!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Owen's New Trick

Owen loves to race himself!  He'll stand by the door and yell, "Go, go go!"  Then he takes off running!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

It's time for the Happy Dance!!

I just had to take a second to point out that Owen is 18 MONTHS OLD TODAY.......and we all know what that means........NURSERY!!  I am so excited for this Sunday to be able to attend all the classes at church!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day 2008

Well, where do I start?!  We had a FABULOUS Labor Day this year!  We started off our day with a trip to the local zoo with some friends and had a ball there.  I'll spare you all pics of the animals, because I already posted animal pictures from our trip to the San Diego Zoo.  The zoo was great and we headed out after it got hot.  The kids loved running around with their buddies and looking at the animals.  I think they had more fun at this zoo simply because their friends were there with them!  Owen was able to see the animals better at this zoo too, because they were closer to the walkway.  Everyone had so much fun that Porter and Owen were asleep minutes after getting back into the car! 

After lunch and a short nap, we headed over to our good friend's parents' home for a bar-b-que and pool party.  It was the PERFECT way to cool off and end our day.  We had some great food, great company, and great swimming!  Days like today remind us why we love Arizona so much.  Gracias to the Matsons for a fabulous day!!

As most of you know, Brandon is helping out on a project up in Rexburg, Idaho and has been coming home on the weekends.  We miss him terribly during the week, but are hopeful he will be able to come home for good sometime in October.  We've been spoiled in August with him coming home every single weekend.  This month will be a little more sparce.  Having him gone helps us appreciate how much we love him, and enjoy the time we have with him when he is home.  School is back in sesssion, so that is
 helping me keep a solid routine with the kids.  I spend my evenings chatting with Brandon on the phone and watching entirely TOO MUCH HGTV!  

Our building permit finally went through with the county and they started on our home last week.  We drove out to see it on Saturday and were excited to finally see more than dirt!  We're hoping to be in the end of November or early December.  We'll keep you all posted on our progress.

We hope everyone is doing well and happy.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA MIKE!  We sure miss you and hope all is swell in Korea.  Happy Labor Day to everyone as well!