Sunday, August 12, 2007

It's official - we're legal Arizonians!

Okay, so I flaked out last weekend and didn't update the blog. I didn't realize until Sunday that the batteries were dead in the camera - and then Brandon left Monday for Nashville and took the camera with him!!

Brandon spent Monday and Tuesday in Nashville on business and was able to see Kevin (my brother) while he was there. It was a last-minute and short trip, but fun to see Kevin on short notice. The kids and I spent the week hanging out and enjoying Porter's last week at home before school starts. Tomorrow is the big day, and I tell ya, tonight might as well be Christmas eve. Porter was sooooo excited when we tucked him into bed tonight. I was kissing and hugging him, and he leaned towards my ear and asked, "Hey, Ma, do I need to set my alarm? Do I have to get up early?!" It was so cute. I simply told him that school didn't start until 9am and that we live a mile from the school, so he would be fine getting up at his usual 6am! Anyone who knows us, knows that we love routine and all three kids are in bed by 7pm on a normal day - so we always get up early. So, it was cute to me that he thought he may need to set an alarm.

We finally buckled and made ourselves legal Arizonians by changing our licenses and registering the car! I believe we were supposed to do it in the first 60 days....... So, that put us somewhere like just over 4 months late!! So, it's official! Who knows how long it will be, but we hope to make it somewhat permanent. We'll know in the next couple of weeks if Brandon's next job is here in Phoenix or out of state. We'll keep everyone posted.

Tess is in for a big shock tomorrow. I'm curious to see how she handles having Porter gone all day. She's not a solo player, so, we'll see! Owen had a doctor's appointment this week and weighed in at 20lbs 7oz at just over 5 months old! He's most definitely our chubbiest baby yet!

We hope everyone is doing well and look for the big update next week on Porter's first week of School!!!


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