Sunday, December 16, 2007

Santa's Theme Park

Well, we've been really busy getting all ready and excited for Christmas. The gifts have been coming in the mail, and thus, torturing the kids like crazy!! It's been so fun to put them out and see the turmoil they are going through because they can't open them yet! We're planning on spending a quiet Christmas at home and then awaiting the arrival of Fafa and Punkin on Christmas afternoon.

Last night we took the kids to a large Christmas fair in Chandler. It was so fun to take them on the kiddie rides and see all the fun lights. Tess loved the rides and has officially taken the title as "daredevil" in the family. She went nuts. She wanted to go again and again on everything. Porter loved the rides as well, but enjoyed his cotton candy most of all. Brandon spent a whopping $3.50 on Tess' cotton candy, only to have her tell him it was yucky and it ended up in the garbage. Brandon and I happen to agree with Tess on the nastyness of the stuff. Sweet baby Owen rode in his little sling on my hip and literally looked at the lights the whole time. We were there for about 2 hours, and he didn't make a single sound.

Porter is looking forward to a pancake breakfast that his teacher is putting on at the school on Wednesday for parents and students. He sure loves her and thinks anything she does is wonderful. He'll be off as of Friday afternoon and doesn't go back until the 8th of January. It will be nice to have him home for a couple of weeks.

We're all excited to go pick up our tree this week. We've been waiting to get the tree until it was closer to Christmas. We decided to be corny Northerners and buy a potted palm tree in celebration of our first Christmas in Arizona! We know it needs to be planted soon after purchase, so we've opted to wait until this week to buy it. Tune in next week for pictures!!

We hope everyone has a fun week with their final preparations for the big day! We love you all dearly!

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