Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's About Time!!

I know, I know, I keep saying I'm going to be better about this and write more frequently. I will, I've just been lazy. It's certainly not from a lack of time. Things are busy here, but not that busy! We're finally back into our normal routine with school back in session. After some yucky colds right around Christmas, we got everyone all better for about 2 weeks! Tess and Owen are now down with colds again. We need cold season to be over! At least through all of this I haven't gotten sick.

Porter is loving that school is back in session. He continues to do well and just got a report card last Friday with all high marks. He's our brain child. We're still trying to figure out where he gets it from - it's certainly not from either one of us! We keep telling eachother that we need to save every penny we have for the tuition at Harvard for him!

Tess, despite her little sniffles, is still in charge and running her kingdom here at home. She is the princess and the president all rolled into one. Girly and tomboy all at the same time. She loves playing with her dress-ups, but thoroughly enjoys putting on all of the construction stuff and playing at her "jobsite" (which is porter's tool bench.) She does have a kitchen in her bedroom, but she seems to be taking on her mommy's traits of minimal cooking! She's looking forward to her birthday on February 6th. She'll be 3!

Owen, aka "Chocolate Thunda", is doing well even though he's gotten quite a bad cough. He loves playing with the kids and gets especially excited when Porter gets home from school. His new favorite thing to do is taking a bath. He loves to sit and play with the bathtub toys and he screams when you take him out of the tub. We've recently wised up and took anything remotely in resemblance to a cup or a bucket out of the tub. I was having a hard time getting him to take his evening bottle, when it dawned on me one day that he has his bath right before bedtime. He was drinking the bath water! Not only is that totally nasty, it was filling up his belly.

Brandon is doing well and has been super busy at work. They finally had a big pow wow with the owner's of the Mayo clinic to get him the info he needed to get this building done. So, he's now on track to finish it the end of March. Stay tuned for our next location! We've been told it may be Denver, but you never know till the last minute, so we'll see!

I'm doing fine, although I'm deeply disappointed that I have to wait ALL THE WAY UNTIL Jan 31st for the season opener of Lost. I just assumed it would start at the beginning of January and then found out the tragic news........At least the Biggest Loser is on - my favorite show ever! One of my new year's resolutions was to do a triathlon this year, so I've been trying to get ready for that. My body is killing me and I'm trying to remember that this is a cool goal and that I need to stick with it!

We took the kids to Mesa last Sunday to see Barb's parents. We hadn't seen them since last March, so it was fun to hang out and catch up. They have a home in Renton, WA, but spend their winters here in Arizona. We love visiting with them. They are such an inspiration to us about beign physically active and healthy. They are in their 80's and still running track, playing golf and Gill plays in a softball league!

That's about it here in Mitchell land. I'll be sure to write more soon!


Stephenie Welch said...

Sounds like all of you are staying real busy. We hope that Mr. Owen is feeling just like new real soon. sure would be nice to spend some time with all of you. You are too far away...or maybe we are the ones that should be closer.

Sandra said...


Wow! It was nice to catch up with you. Your kids are adorable!

I have a family blog at If you'd like to view it, you can e-mail me at the address on my profile.

monique said...

Hello! This is Monique Klein...remember us? BYU-I? University Village? I think Jeremy has kept in touch with Brandon a bit. ANYWAYS, Jeremy found your blog somehow and we thought we'd say hi. Your kids are adorable by the way! Well, Jer put your blog address on our friend list, so I hope you don't mind us checking you out every once in a while. We have a blog too if your's It would be great to keep in touch through our blogs. Well, I hope everything is going great! It sounds like it is. Talk with you later!