Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Owen!

We really can't believe our baby turned 1 today!  It is really crazy how fast this last year has gone by.  When he woke this morning, I ran into his room singing Happy Birthday, and he immediately stood up in his crib and started dancing to the song!  He is such a fun little boy.  We feel so fortunate to have him in our family.  Porter made sure that Owen got to do whatever he wanted to all day long.  Porter even asked me when he got home from school if I made Owen take a nap!  I had to explain to him that Owen is still little and wanting to take his naps!  I think his favorite part of the day was the constant singing.  I told Tess that every time we walked past Owen we had to sign Happy Birthday.  He loved it.

Owen enjoyed his day and was thrilled to have chicken and rice for dinner.  He loves anything with rice.  He loved all of his presents and new clothes.  We finished off the day with cupcakes and some fun visits with family on the ichat and the phone.  He was pooped and ready for bed by 6:50!  We sure love him and are looking forward to many more birthdays together.


The Bluths said...

Oh that sounds so fun for him. Good thing you have it on here because he probably won't remember it.

Happy Birthday Owen!

Stephenie Welch said...

What a sweet family. Happy birthday baby Owen!!! See you soon.

Akinol said...

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Brooke said...

Happy birthday Owen! Your cupcake looks yummy!