Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Update On The House!

Obviously, this is the front of the house.

This is the big window in the Master bedroom and the view.

This is taken from the front living room - and the open rail shows the bonus room area.

Our back yard!  Not super big, but much bigger than what we have now!

This is taken from the bonus room looking down on to the front living room.

Last Friday night Brandon surprised us and came home for the weekend.  We took advantage of him being home to head out to the house and take a peaksy.  So, here's a few pics of the palace. It's not the whole house - but parts.  Don't ask me why we didn't take any of the rest of the house?!  We'll head back in a couple of weeks and take more pictures then!


David, Jenna and Cyrena said...

It looks great Julie! It looks like it's really coming along, that's so exciting.

The Cowand Family said...

Hey its starting to look like a house!! Yay!! So happy for you guys!!

Amy Welch said...

I bet you're getting excited!!!!

Luke and Katie said...


Brooke said...

It looks sooooo nice!! What a huge backyard also!!

Annie said...

Looks like it will be a beautiful house! I remember building, the anxiety and excitement! How fun! Congratulations!! Analee