Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Fun Facts About The Mitchell Family!

Last week I participated in a fun little activity with a whole slew of friends and wrote a list of 25 facts about Julie.  I thought it would be a fun to post some fun facts about our little family here on the goes:

1.  I have never seen Brandon without grey hair.  He started greying at age 19.

2.  I have always dreamed about running a marathon and doing the STP (Seattle to Portland cycling race)

3.  Porter learned to read in one week, literally.  

4.  Tess is the only lefty in our little family.

5.  Owen spent the first 3 months of his life sleeping in his car seat.  He refused to sleep anywhere else.

6.  Brandon can fix ANYTHING.  I swear, that man knows how to fix anything and use every sort of power tool that exists.  He has hung all our lights and fans, put in our yard, painted the whole inside of the house, and even built a frame for some artwork.  The list could go on forever!

7.  I drank caster oil to induce labor with Tess....and it worked!  I also drank caster oil to induce labor with Owen......and it didn't work.

8.  Porter is the best child EVER in the car.  You could take him cross country in the car and he would look out the window or read a book the whole time.  The only time you'd hear from him is when he's hungry or has to use the bathroom.

9.  Tess is the only child that Brandon has been successful at teaching to cross her eyes!  It drives me nuts when he tells her to do it, because I know it's not healthy - but she can do it on cue.

10.  Owen is our entertainer.  He will say anything you tell him and loves to pretend to be just about anything.  This morning he has been playing "dog" for about an hour!  He crawls around with his tongue out and then barking.  He also does sweet ninja moves!

11.  Brandon loves muscle cars and working on cars in general.  He is constantly looking online at car parts, and researching things he can do to restore his old truck that he got from his step-dad.  He has already replaced the carburetor in that truck, and is planning on doing the full overhaul on it once Porter is old enough to do it with him.

12.  I am deathly afraid of the dark, and I've been known to sleepwalk on occasion.  I once got out of the house when I was young and woke up on our neighbor's porch as I was about to ring their doorbell.

13.  Ever since Porter was little, he's only wanted ONE type of haircut.  He loves that he has two uncles in the military and has always wanted his head buzzed.  So, we bought a pair of clippers, and Brandon does his hair every two weeks!

14.  Tess talks in her sleep.  She does this about every other night.  It's actually quite funny.  She will have a full conversation with herself about just about anything.  A few days ago she actually said she just "had to have a pony!"  She was convincing Brandon to buy her a horse!

15.  Owen is a "Momma's Boy."  He will not share my lap or my time if he doesn't have to.  He can be playing just fine on the other end of the house, but if he sees someone on my lap, he will promptly shove them off to sit with me.  When it's time to snuggle or relax, he wants to be with me.  Which....of course.....I LOVE.  

16.  Brandon can grow a full beard in just about a week.  He loves having a beard, and I love it on him too.  His beard  has 4 distinct colors in it as well; red, brown, black and grey.  It grows in thicker around his mouth, as he had a goatee for years when he was young.

17.  I love to learn and use my brain.  If I could have, I would have stayed in college forever.  Right now I'm taking a course to become a Medical Transcriptionist and I'm enjoying the new things I'm learning.

18.  Porter loves to study and learn.  If you were to give him the choice of playing a game or reading a book, he would chose to read.  He loves anything that has to do with space and has often said he wants to be a NASA scientist.  Brandon and I have both decided he gets his smarts from Papa Larry.....there's no way he got it from us!

19.  Tess is a "Daddy's girl."  She loves being with Brandon and looks up to him like he's the king of the castle.  Every morning she asks how many more hours until Daddy gets home.  We are constantly having to explain to her why daddy has to work!

20.  Owen thinks he is the head of the household.  At a mere 23 months, he has taken full control of the house.  He is super bossy, and quite comical at the same time.  If he doesn't want to eat something, he just pushes it away and says no.  If he doesn't want to sit in his high chair, he simply won't cooperate.  He's VERY independent.

21.  Brandon is the best husband and father.  He is very considerate and thoughtful.  He tells me thank you every day for dinner.  He loves to chat and we talk constantly.  He is continually thinking of fun things to do with our children to create memories.

22.  I'm a great multi-tasker.  I love having a clean house, clean clothes and being at places on time.  I may look frazzled as I balance these things, but I'm quite calm.

23.  Porter has an impeccable memory.  He can recall details of his childhood thus far that are amazing.  

24.  Tess is the most vocal child of the three.  She has an opinion on everything and is known to say the funniest things.  Just this morning she ran up the stairs while I was still getting Owen dressed for the day, and proclaimed that she "was late for lunch!"  Mind you, it was 6:30 am, and I hadn't even made breakfast yet!

25.  We are honestly surprised we have not had to head to the ER with Owen yet.  He loves to climb and jump.  I have to keep a close eye on him now that our upstairs is open to the downstairs.  He hasn't tried to scale the railings yet, but he loves to throw things over it.  They are building a new hospital a mile from our house, so that will be a blessing in the future!

I hope you enjoy reading some fun info on us!  I posted a whole slew of pictures of the new house as well on the right.  We're still finishing up the kids' rooms, so those pictures will be coming soon!


Stephenie Welch said...

Thanks for this. It was very fun to read!!!

Amy Welch said...

Fun to read. The pictures are great too.

Rucshner Family said...

Very fun to read. I've never seen Nick without grey hair too!!

Danny and Jessica Matson said...

Sorry I haven't stayed in touch better. Our life has been very busy sense Danny got layed off. Hope all is well with your family. You look like your doing well. Like the house too! Talk to you soon.