Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter 2009

We had a wonderful relaxing weekend here at the MItchell household. Fafa and Punkin (my grandparents who have SWEET nicknames) drove up on Saturday from Tucson to spend Easter with us. We had a lot of fun coloring eggs and playing games. We really enjoy the time we have with them when they are here.

Easter morning brought our little hunt and some good old fashioned relaxing! We don't have church till 2pm, so we enjoyed our morning. The Easter Bunny brought the family a really cool Book of Mormon game, so we played that all day.

We hope everyone had a greatl Easter this year!

Owen sure loved coloring eggs.

Our happy painters!

The search begins!

Owen had a ball looking for all the hidden eggs!

Miss Tess had a good time too. She loved her pink basket even more!

Our sweet children with Fafa and Punkin. We sure loved having them here for Easter weekend!

Tessy and Punkin!

What a handsome group of men!


Jenna said...

Cute pictures, they're getting so old!

Shelby said...

So cute! We miss you guys!