Monday, January 18, 2010

2010 Fiesta Bowl!

One of the perks of Brandon's job is an occasional set of tickets to one of the many fantastic sporting events that comes to the grand city of Phoenix. This year we were MORE than blessed to receive tickets to the Fiesta Bowl. As you all most know, Brandon is an AVID Boise State fan. Needless to say - he was TOTALLY EXCITED for the game! Here's some of our good times watching our favorite team WIN!!!

Boise State played Texas Christian University......whose mascot is some sort of frog.....LAME!

The men in action!

Awwwweee, don't we look good in orange and blue?!

Check out the sea of orange behind us. Boise State fans are in a class of their own; loyal as ever!

Thanks again to Dan for our tickets!!!

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