Monday, March 8, 2010

JULIE'S BirthDay

As most of you know, today is Julie's birthday. She is 34 years old and looks more beautiful now than the first time I saw her. Each year she asks for two things for her birthday. In fact, she asks for the same two things for her birthday, Mother's Day and Valentine's Day. One, for me to shave. Two, for me to write her a note. To my shame, I have not always delivered. So I am going to step out of my comfort zone and let everyone know what this woman means to me. Here I go... (I better score points for this)

It was the first Sunday in January of 2001, this was the first time I had ever seen Julie Welch. I couldn't have pictured anyone more beautiful. In the singles ward we belonged to, my brother was the ward mission leader and Julie was a ward missionary. Because we had Elders instead of Sisters for missionaries, Julie was blessed with the task of rounding up guys to go on splits with the missionaries, something no one wanted to do. As ward mission leader, my brother stood up and announced that who ever went on the most splits with the missionaries for the rest of the month would win a date with Julie Welch. I signed up for every split for the whole month.

I couldn't wait to cash in my date with Julie so I called her to let her know I would be taking her out for my prize date the next day. This was the first time we had ever spoken to one another. I took her to Dairy Queen the very next night and nine days later I asked her to marry me.

We would leave for college, have three kids, move A LOT and eventually settle down in a small community outside of Phoenix, Arizona. We are coming up on nine years of marriage this May.

Julie and I have very little in common. She likes romance and drama movies, I like kung fu and action movies. She likes pop music, I like country. She likes to read and I think books are for nerds. But for some reason or another we can always talk and always hold hands when we are walking together.

Julie always wants more romance in our lives. She likes to ask the question, what makes her different from the girl next door, or, why do you love me? (death questions to a man)
My response is most always the same...silence. (the death response for a man)

Julie, I don't know why I love you. I know all the reasons I fell in love with you, from your smile to the way you correct all my grammar mistakes. But what happens when you care for someone and LOVE doesn't mean what you truly feel. Why hasn't anyone invented the feelings that come AFTER love. This is how I feel about you. I see you as a mother with our children. I see you as a helpless romantic and as someone who has dreams and desires for her life. I loved you when I married you and my feelings are far past how I felt that day.

You are a wonderful person and have such a way with others, I could never have. You are truly the best thing in my life and I threw on some of my favorite pictures of you and of us. I also tried to add a song for you as well. Happy birthday and I hope this buys me another 9 years... I love you. (I was unable to post the song on the blog so I will do it on Julie's face book page)


MMEM said...

awww :) that is so sweet! i bet that just made Julie's birthday perfect! way to go Brandon :)
Love and hugs-Musson family

Jess said...

What an awfully sweet thing to do Brandon! I bet you scored those points! Julie I hope you had an excellent birthday! You two are so cute!

Stephenie Welch said...

What a wonderful, sweet note. I agree with every word.

Rebecca said...

Um I think that note would buy you 2 eternities! What a gift! could give my hubby a few pointers for my next birthday! Julie you are everything Brandon said you are! What a great birthday!

Luke and Katie said...

that WAS WONDERFUL! Happy Birthday Julie!

Shelby said...

Happy Birthday Julie!! Brandon, I didn't think you had it in you! Now that is LOVE!! :) Such a sweet birthday present.

Olivia Justine said...

i don't know what you call that thing that happens after you love someone, but anyone that has worked hard in a marriage and been through a lot in life together knows what you are talking about. i think it might be but even then it's missing the "your still hot" part. i don't know about julie, but you bought points with the rest of us! :)

you obviously picked well hermana. love to're fam will be in our prayers as you search for a new job. nothing feels as good as knowing you married someone with integrity, huh?