Thursday, May 13, 2010

This too shall pass.....

As most know, I used to be quite good at keeping this blog chock full of info and pictures about the Mitchell household. Not so much now.....We've had a few rough months here, but alas, we are all alive and doing just fine. I, in no way, intend to whine or complain....simply to start over. We've had the opportunity to reflect on what is real and important in our lives, and the bottom line is:

#1: We have each other, our children, and our extended family and friends who love us dearly.

#2: We will get through this awful mess.

#3: In 6 months we will have a whole new set of problems, so why whine??!!!

#4: We can rest our heads at night knowing we did the right thing. We have our integrity intact, and heaven help us, our children will remember that their daddy stood up for what was right, no matter the consequence.

For those who don't know....Brandon started noticing some financial improprieties at the company he was working for about 18 months ago. He brought it to their attention on 4 separate occasions. The last time it was brought to their attention, chaos hit the fan.....and needeless to say.....they did all they could to shut him up and prevent him from calling the clients that it had affected. Long story short, he lost his job over the situation, but we did what we had to do to rectify Brandon's role in the whole darn mess!

So, we are embarking on a new chapter in our lives and looking for work. We will let you all know what the outcome is when we know! Most likely, we will be heading back up to Seattle where we have the support of family and more work opportunity.


Jenna said...

Oh I'm so sorry! We just went through a job loss and doing alright now. I know it will work out for you as well!

Shelby said...

Julie I am sorry to hear about the stress and trials you have been going through. Your family will be blessed for your honesty and integrity. You are in our prayers! Much love to ya sista :)

Michelle said...

I'm so sorry, Julie! But, as is always true in our lives, when we do what is right God blesses!! Hang in there. I know that something even better is out there!

Amanda said...

So sorry about all of this. We just went through something very VERY similar. It's not fun, but things do work out. If Brandon wants to talk to John or anything (same line a business etc..) drop us a line. I know we found quite a few jobs in the PNW.

Oh and your #3 must have been a Welch saying, because I have heard Chris and Amy say the same thing, and it usually pops in my head when times are tough.
We will be praying for you guys. If you need to talk or anything let me know.

Mark and Jessica said...

So sorry you had to go through this. Good luck to whatever you decide. You've shared a great attitude about it, good luck with that.

Amy Welch said...

Love you Julie!!!

Jess said...

I applaud Brandon for standing up for the victims of the company. I am sure the last few months have been exhaustingly stressful.

For him to stand up for the right, in this economy, knowing that he could lose his job & that your future would then be sent down a completely different path than you had planned, shows that he is a phenomenol priesthood holder & a truly good man.

And as the supportive, understanding & loving wife that you are I am sure you are even more proud of him for his decision.

I will keep your family in my prayers & I look forward to hearing more about your family's adventures wherever you go.

I am so grateful for these here blogs of ours. ;) Thank you both for being a shining example of what kind of people we should all emulate.

Luke and Katie said...

crazy! i am so sorry that this has happened, but things will turn out! good luck!