Friday, July 22, 2011

Alive and Well......

Well, it's no shocker that I haven't written in awhile...I do believe the last post was written just after Christmas of 2010. My only excuse - - we had a rough year, and I didn't have it in me to write. Alas, all is well on the homefront, and I've found my desire to blog again.

We are happy to report that we are still in Kent - A.K.A. "Paradise." Having grown up in Kent from the 7th grade on, I swore that after high school I was getting the heck out of dodge and leaving the rain behind me. I did just that. A few short weeks after graduation I was off to college in another state, starting college in the summer! Over the last 17 years I have been all over, trying out every climate! Little did I know that as I would age, the rain wouldn't matter, being close to family would. Although we loved Arizona the most, we ached to be closer to our families. Last summer we made the decision to head back up here and give Seattle one last try! The kids were so excited to be close to their cousins, (Chris' kids.) We've been back just over a year now and can report with confidence that we will stay in Kent forever! It simply is home. If only we knew what was best for us a decade ago.

As I said before, the kids are loving it here. We moved into Chris' neighborhood a couple of weeks ago, and we can walk to see the cousins. What else could a kid need?! They are enjoying their summer off. The best part about it is Aunty Amy is our childcare provider, so when Brandon and I are at work - the kids spend the day over there! We truly are lucky. For those of you who know Amy - - there is simply no one like her - - she is the most perfect person in the Welch family, and we would all be lost without her. Her education is in elementary education and she is teaching our children far more than we could! Our little Owen has a little crush on her too. No one can mess with his "Aunty Tamy"!!!

Porter continues to love reading and thinking! He is the brains of the family. We're hoping he'll far surpass his parents in intelligence! He turned 9 this summer and his favorite thing to do is work on patches for Cub Scouts. Last week was Cub Scout day camp and he had a blast. He is still the sweet obedient child that he has always been.

Tess is 6 now and just finished Kindergarten. She loves her life and has a huge personality. She has made the life decision this past week to become a rockstar. Watch out world, Tess Mitchell is the next big rocker! She informed me last night that she plans on becoming a rockstar, selling cookies for girl scouts, and then rounding out her stardom with a turn on 'Dance With The Stars!!!" Looks like we need to start the voice lessons, register for girl scouts, and then find a way to get her on Dance with The Stars - albeit in a MODEST outfit!!!

Owen is well....OWEN! It's crazy to think he is 4 already! Time sure does fly when you are having fun. He is the funniest little kid EVER! He keeps us on our toes and thrives on attention. He loves to be around the big kids, and will tell you that Porter is his best friend, but his mommy is his "sweetheart." I sure hope he continues to think I'm a sweetheart when he's 16! He is doing well with his pre-reading skills and is learning to spell like a champ with a spelling game we have. The object of his attention lately seems to be Amy and all the things he plans on buying her for her birthday! I sense an Aunty/Teacher crush!

Brandon started a new job on June 3rd with Boeing. It was a long process to apply that started back in October, but it finally panned out. We are so grateful to everyone that helped us in our pursuit of employment for Brandon after his lay-off last year. It was a long 14 months, but the spiritual blessings and experiences we went through during those months are priceless. What a faith perfecting experience that was to go through. He is working on the P-8 Poseidon model, and is really enjoying his job there.

I am still with Dr. Tanner and plan to stay there for the long haul. He is so good to me, and I truly love the women I work with. It's a great environment to work in.

Well, I hope this finds everyone doing well and happy. I have every intention to update this more frequently and I expect you all to keep on me to fulfill that promise!

xoxoxoxo, Julie and the fam!


Bryon and Kristin Welch said...

Nice update!

Happy Manatee said...

Love hearing the great update! Tell Porter hi and the cub scout badges sound way cool. He'll have to show them to me when school gets going again. I've spent most of my summer doing art and drawing with my computer drawing pad - a toy that Porter would LOVE, being the artist that he is. I hope to have all the Mitchell kids in third grade when all is said and done! Glad to hear the summer and the move/jobs are going so well.

MMEM said...

Glad all is well and all the kids are doing great! :) HUGS!!!