Monday, October 1, 2007

Family Home Evening

Well......I know it's been two weeks since I wrote - - - excuses - - - we've been busy and we've had a bit of some sickness in the house as well. Alas, I am back and all is well in Mitchell land.

We had a great Family Home Evening tonight with the kids. We've been really bad in the past about doing that on a regular basis, and have recently vowed to change our ways! Our big lesson tonight was on tying our shoes! Porter is at that right age and we know it takes a lot of practice. He'll get it eventually. Tess even tried as well, which was really fun. Owen opted out - he was more interested in his little dinosaur with tags on it! The kids thought the best part was the treat, of course. We had Nestle crunch ice cream bars - Daddy's favorite. Personally, I loved listening to everyone sing the little speckled frog song!

Soccer season is going really well. Porter, despite being the youngest, shortest and slowest kid on the team, is doing really well. His favorite position to play is goalie, which he does really well at. He's getting faster and more aggressive with each practice and game. We are so proud of him and he loves it. He continues to love school. He comes home each day and sits right down to do his homework. His teacher told me the other day she loves talking to Porter simply to watch the expressions on his face! He's always showed all of his emotion right on his face!

I started watching a friend of our's child last week and Tess has really enjoyed having him at our house everyday. He's 18 months old and his name is Owen as well! She likes playing with him and that has helped her have a playmate while Porter is gone at school. Owen's mom is a school teacher, so he's gone just after Porter gets home from school, so that's nice for me as well. She continues to love to ride her bike and eat strawberries whenever she can. She calls strawberries "strawberry shortcake" because she loves the character Strawberry Shortcake.

Owen is still the perfect little baby. He is ALWAYS sooooo happy. I can't believe he'll be 7 months old on Friday. He's fully rolling all over the place! It took him a bit longer cuz the poor thing is so chubby! He now has two teeth and is jabbering all the time. He's been eating solid food for awhile, but tonight we gave him mashed potatoes for the first time, and you'd think he was in heaven! He LOVED them!! He kept opening his mouth and he'd bark at me if I didn't feed it to him fast enough! He's growing up too fast. What he does that I love best are his kisses. He'll practically suck on your cheek and laugh at the same time. It's way cute.

Well, we hope all is well with everyone and I promise to work on some great oration for the next entry!



Stephenie Welch said...

Very, Very sweet family. I might love you too much.

grandma louie

Rucshner Family said...

Very cute family!!! Emilee will be 6 months old in 10 days. Growing soooo fast. Too fast. Take Care!