Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Joy of Nostalgia

As I laid in bed last night listening to the hum of the baby monitor and not really quite relaxing as I was listening for Owen, who is teething, I got into one of my crazy notstalic moods. (How's that for a run-on sentence!?) Those of you who have ever corresponded with me through mail or emails know that I LOVE to write and I take my time to explain any idea or memory that I want to get across. I love detailing life and events. I've always been a fiersely loyal journal writer, until lately! What I miss the most about college is all the research and papers I had to write. Call me crazy, but that's what happens when you spend your childhood reading books - and your adulthood too. I am a self-professed nerd who loves to read! So, bear with me as I take the opportunity this week to rattle off about a multiplicity of things that have been on my mind lately. Feel free to read as much or as little as you like!

Yesterday, as I was pulling out of the driveway, I looked over my shoulder to see if there were any children on the sidewalk, and I noticed the three carseats in the back of the car. I had a small moment of nostalgia thinking about the three owners of those precious car seats! I truly think that motherhood has been the best thing I've ever done. Believe me - I'm not the best - or even close - but I love being a parent. In my family as a child we had an interesting dynamic in the sense that there was a 7 year gap between the older children and the younger children. If you take a moment and look at the majority of family photos from my childhood, you will find a child attached to my hip. I was a little mother to my 3 younger brothers and absolutely loved that role. I took it very seriously. I had a special sense of needing to protect them from a very young age. As an older sister I had several opportunities to babysit them. I was super paranoid to leave them unattended at any moment - even as they got older. I remember one Saturday morning - gosh - I don't even know how old I was - I think I may have still been in High School. Anyhow, I had NEVER ever left them unattended and just once I decided to take a shower. I figured I could take a short one and be out in 10 minutes tops. (mind you, the kids were older, I think the youngest was probably 7 at the time) Well, I got out of the shower and the house was dead quiet. I panicked. I ran through the house to find no one home. I about fainted and went into a tailspin of panic. I ran out of the house screaming and running up and down the block. Our neighter, Steve Maurer, heard me and started helping me look for the kids. We couldn't find them anywhere. Meanwhile - I had only put on clothes - I don't think I had even combed my hair! Eventually, I decided to get in my car and start looking for my mother, who had been at the church building for some sort of meeting that morning. I got to the church and their was no sign of the family car. As I was on my way back to the house I happened to notice the car at our local branch of the bank. I parked quickly and RAN inside with my hair dripping wet and all! Right there in front of my eyes was my mother and my little brothers sitting at a desk opening up bank accounts for the boys! Long story short, I will never forget that. I'm sure my neighbor and my mother won't either!

My own grandparents have said that they thought I'd never want my own children, because I had already helped raise 3 boys! Very shortly after Brandon and I got married we BOTH had the itch to have a child. Porter was born one month after our first anniversary and we've had two more since in only 6 years!! It's been a crazy, busy ride, but it's been amazing. I had a professor in college that always used to say that the joy in life is in the journey - not the final goals. Absolutely - he had it right. We're not stinking rich and I'm no runway model, but I have everything I could ever want right here at home. I am just as protective of our babies as I was of my brothers and am constantly telling them they can't go anywhere without me. In fact, we took the kids to the park last night, and as we were walking there we noticed two little boys probably Porter and Tess' ages running in the neighborhood alone. Porter looked at me and asked, "Hey Ma, why are those kids alone?" These kids are so much fun. They crack us up daily with the things they say and the questions they have about life. I have the best husband I could ever ask for. I dated a multiplicity of men, but the second I met Brandon, I knew he was different. I was smitten instantly and I still am. I remember going home after our first date and telling my mother that I was going to marry him. He has turned out to be a wonderful husband and an amazing parent. Those children look at him like he's pure gold. They would do anything for him.

Anyhow, It looks as though I may need to finish my ramblings on another day. This has gotten a bit longer than I thought! Just know we've got 3 little souls here flourishing in our home! They send out kisses and hugs to everyone. I just need to sit down and start writing our own litte family history story while all these little kid memories are fresh in my mind.

I love you all dearly!!!


Amanda & Jon said...

Im so glad you share your blog with me. It's wonderful to see your family grow and to see your darling children. You also inspire me to write in my journal again. :)

Stephenie Welch said...

I laughed so hard...I remember that day. I really got the lecture from you!!!!! I love you all very much. This is great that you are sharing your memories.
Love, Grandma Louie xoxoxo