Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Visit From Nana!

We had a wonderful visit this week from Nana Barb.  She flew in last Friday, the 8th, and left this afternoon.  We were thoroughly spoiled and had lots of her yummy cooking!  There were tears to be shed when she left, and now we are looking forward to the next time she visits.  Up until Thursday we had fantastic weather and were able to spend a lot of time outside, which really made the visit nice.  

Last Saturday we all headed to Tucson to have a little birthday party for Tess with Fafa and Punkin.  Punkin made Tess a special cake, and Nana provided the princess crown - so she was all set!  We all had fun and Tess 
made out with some fun new clothes.  She has been really enjoying her new bike.  She's already biffed it a few times, but gets right back up and keeps on going.  We're really proud of her for trying so hard.  

Porter had his Valentine party on Thursday and had a ball.  He came home with a bunch of Valentines and has been slowly picking away at the candy when I allow him to have a treat!  He's loved having Nana here, and made all of his Valentine crafts at school for her!

Chocolate Thunda, Owen, is doing well.  He's still growing like crazy and developing a way fun little personality.  He's army crawling all over the place and has made big improvements this week with his standing up next to things.  We're getting there!

Brandon and I's big news here is that we FINALLY got a Mac computer!  We've been dreaming about one for quite some time, so we
 feel like it's our new baby.  Maybe we should give him an official name with the Mitchell surname!  We'll keep you posted on any new e
mail accounts or what I decide to do with the blog.  I may go the distance and actually do a full website for the family and then ditch the blog.  I'll let you know what I decide to do.  Email me if you
have a webcam and want to chat and we can exchange "handles" -

Brandon bought me my birthday present early and now I'm the proud owner of the new pink Nano!  I'm learning how to use it and having fun.  Brandon made me an 80's workout mix today and I'm enjoying the fun stuff on it.  My goal this week is to memorize the words to Ice Ice Baby!  Chris would be so proud!  I'll let you know how I do!

For Valentine's, having a sitter here - Thank You Barb!! - we went out with some friends for dinner and had a blast getting to know them better.  It was nice to have a night out.  I also went the distance with our family tradition and made the kids a fun breakfast and used food coloring to make everything pink and red.  They loved the pink pancakes, but Tess wouldn't touch the pink milk.  She said if it wasn't strawberry milk, she wasn't going to drink it!  Next year I'll know to buy the strawberry milk!

Anyhow, that's it here for now.  

Word to your mother!


The Bluths said...

I was at Walmart and noticed they have a little Mexican section and I saw Strawberry Nesquik there, but in Spanish and it was a lot cheaper than the English version for some reason. You should check it out.

Brooke said...

Hi Julie! I found your blog through! Cute pictures, it's fun to read what your cute family is up to :o).