Sunday, February 24, 2008

Okay, Just Shoot Me Now!

As if this winter couldn't get any worse in our household with Porter's cough has turned into pneumonia. I just simply cannot win. I scrub the house daily, bought a new vacuum, bought a new washer and dryer, feed the kids right, load them up with orange juice and some random extract Amy told me to give the kids, and bathe them daily yet - they are still getting sick. We are averaging attending church every other week and sometimes less cuz someone is always sick and we're not wanting to infect anyone else. We've informed our bishop that we are indeed not inactive, we'd rather be at church, but we're at home with sick kids (Owen and Tess both even had pink eye)!! And to top it all off - LOST is driving me crazy!! What's up with Kate having Claire's kid?? And what about the Oceanic 6 are now 8? Why on earth is Sayid killing someone for Ben? If anyone has these answers, please enlighten me! I can't believe there is another two years after this season for a full resolution of these issues that are making me grind my teeth at night!

So, aside from our issues mentioned above, things are at least progressing here in Mitchell land. Owen is crawling more on his knees and we're surviving to say the least! Brandon's job on the Mayo clinic is humming along and he's getting anxious to finish it soon. We've finally gotten back into our normal routine after being spoiled from Nana for over a week! We had to re-train the kids after she left. Grandparents always give extra special attention and spoiling, so detox must happen after they leave! I've found my self praying for our hot summer to kill all the sickie bugs that keep coming into our home!

Hopefully this week will be full of happy times and no more trips to the doctor. Let's at least hope that come Thursday night, LOST won't give me heartburn!


Jenna said...

Poor Porter! You are such a good nurturer though, that's why your kids are the ones getting sick. :) And I have to agree that LOST is mind-boggling! I can't figure it out.

Jenna said...

Poor Porter! I have to say that LOST is blowing my mind as well, I just don't get things yet.

Kanani said...

Hi Mitchell Family! So glad you found our blog. So weird! I was seriously thinking about you guys 2 days ago and was wandering what ever happened to you. Well, now I know!

So what is it that Brandon does at the Mayo clinic? Sounds like "Mr. Sickie" has visited your house too. We have all been sick for like 2 weeks. It just jumps from one kid to the next. Will it ever end!!!

khepworth said...

Hi Mitchell Family! So glad you found our blog. It has been fun reading up on your family. So weird! I was thinking about you 2 days ago and was wandering what happened to you guys. Well, now I know!

So what is it that Brandon does at the Mayo clinic that may have you moving? Sorry to hear your kids are sick. If it makes you feel any better, so are mine. Will it ever end!!?


khepworth said...

Oh my gosh! Sorry for all the comments. I'm such a dork! I forgot to log in, then I logged in on the wrong account, and so I sent it three different times. Sorry! Scratch the first 2 and use the last comment. ok, i'm done!!!

The Bluths said...

Lost was good yesterday. Even Ethan liked it. How's the sick family doing?