Tuesday, May 27, 2008

7 years of marital bliss!

Apparently, according to society, Brandon and I are supposed to be "itching" and heading for the door!  We hit 7 years in our marriage yesterday, and I know I speak for both of us, when I say - we've never been happier.  Marriage is all about learning and growing together, and we feel fortunate that we've grown in the same direction.  We both laugh at how we've changed and concede that we, indeed, have changed for the better.  We've had our ups and downs, as everyone does, but are loving our time together, and are looking forward to many, many ,many more years as a couple and a family.  It's crazy how time has flown, and now we have 3 fantastic, and super cute, children.  They mean the world to us, and we're trying our hardest to provide a happy and healthy home for them. Of course, like any other parent, we are re-living our childhoods through them as well!  We've hit the ground running with parenthood and are loving it.  We'll be the first to admit, we make mistakes, but we are trying.

This last week was a huge milestone for Porter.  Thursday was the last day of school - and he's now officially done with Kindergarten and on to First grade in the fall!  He's so excited to call himself a first grader now.  Now, if he could only master tying his shoes!  We'll get there.  It  was sooooo hard to say good-bye to his Teacher, Mrs. Encarnacion.  She was AMAZING and the best teacher we could have ever hoped or prayed for.  In fact, I've convinced Brandon to commute to the east side for work so we can stay in Surprise, so Tess and Owen can attend Kindergarten with Mrs. Encarnacion.  Let's hope she's still teaching for at least 5 more years! We'll see how his commute goes, and then start house shopping again.  

Tess is thrilled to have Porter home during the day, although today, I'm debating on wether she likes playing with him or simply bugging him!  (how's that for a run on sentence!?)  Tess continually amazes us with her little personality and her likeness to the old Dennis the Menace books or today's David Gets in Trouble book.  She is CONSTANTLY getting into things.  She is the most curious child I have ever known.  We love her dearly and know we are in for a big ride with her being our only girl and the middle child to boot!

Big Cheezums - aka - Owen, is doing well.  He has been in heaven since yesterday afternoon when Fafa and Punkin showed up!  They were on their way home to Tucson from Vegas and spent the night with us.  They had gone to a wedding there.  We always love having them in our home, even if it's just overnight.  We went to their house last weekend, so we've been spoiled this month!  We'll probably head back down there in July sometime.  Now that Owen's head is buzzed he's looking more and more like Porter everyday.  He's cutting some new teeth right now, so he's not too happy about that.  He has been really cuddly, which I love!  Bring on the teeth!  

Everyone is getting excited for swimming lessons that start in a couple of weeks.  We'll keep you posted on how those go!  We love you all and hope everyone is doing well.


Jenna said...

Those are awesome pictures, you guys look like babies! Not that you look old now or anything... :) I love seeing wedding pictures, thanks for sharing!

monique said...

Congrats on 7 years! We just had our 6 yr. anniversary. Time has just flown! I had forgotten that you two had been married in the Seattle Temple. Jeremy and I did too, of course, and I love seeing wedding pictures in front of it. It brings back memories! You guys looked great!

Bryon said...

Nice Mafia pictures of the boys. Happy Anniversary.

The Cowand Family said...

You were a beautiful bride Julie! And Brandon looks like a baby! So sweet the 2 of you are together. Congratulations!!! To many many many more anniversaries!!

Groverfam said...

So nice to hear from you and so fun to read your blog. It'll be nice to keep in touch. You look like you are having a wonderful time in life and making some fantastic choices. feel free to email me at liliana.grover@gmail.com