Saturday, May 3, 2008

Long Live Baseball!

Well, we're right in the middle of T-ball season here in Arizona, and we're confident in saying that Porter has found his new passion.  He loves baseball!  We're excited that he's found a sport that he enjoys immensely.  He lives in the best state for play fields, so this should be a fun journey for him.  I was able to get today off to attend his game and took lots of fun pictures!  School is out on the 22nd, so he's a bit sad at the prospect of not having class everyday for awhile.  He has loved Kindergarten.  

Tess is doing well and trying to be the head cheese here at home, which is no surprise to those who know her.  She is her mother in another body.  She wants to be in charge and have things her way!  She's loving that Owen is more and more playful each day.  She loves going to her best friend's house for day care 3 days a week.  She has also found her first crush - her sitter's husband!  As we were leaving yesterday, she made a point to yell out to him and tell him she loved him!

Owen is doing fantastic.  He is getting more confident in standing and walking alongside things - sooooo - hopefully he'll walk before he enters Kindergarten!  He'll be 14 months old on Monday, but we're not worried.  He's progressing!  He loves playing and wrestling with his siblings.  

Brandon and I are doing well.  We're both way stressed at work, and feel privileged that family life is going well to offset all the chaos at work!  We hope everyone is doing well and happy, and I promise to post more often - it's just been busy!

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Brooke said...

Porter looks so cute in his t-ball uniform, I am so impressed with all the games, practices, and uniforms that they got for the $$! Very worth it. Too bad he and Rhett aren't on the same team, I didn't even think about asking you if Porter would play! Are you doing swim lessons this summer?