Sunday, June 29, 2008

El Coco Loco

Call me crazy, but I love to create fun memories for the kids through learning interesting things about our world and our weekend, I bought a coconut.  It was $1.29 at the farmer's market - and a cheap fun activity.  We had never brought a whole one home, so the kids were totally excited.  We told them their was "milk" inside, and we held it up to their ears and shook it so they could hear it.  They thought that was sooo sweet!  
Brandon took one of his construction pin drivers (which I'm sure he didn't wash....) and a hammer and went to town poking some holes in the top.  He then poured the milk into some cups, and had the kids try it.  They were all excited to have some coconut milk, only to find out that it was nasty!  After breaking the coconut into pieces, we all had a hayday eating it.  (except daddy, of course, the picky one who doesn't like it!)  All in all, I ate the majority of the coconut!  

So, grab a coconut for a great family activity!


The Cowand Family said...

It sounds llike you guys had lots of coconutty fun! I bet the kids loved the whole experience but I am with Brandon Coconut is yucky! 80) You are such a great mom Julie!

Grandma Lane said...

I'm glad the kids are enjoying the coconuts. Sorry I raised such a picky kid. I love him anyway. And I love fresh coconut!!!