Sunday, June 8, 2008

Summer is Here!

Well, it's official - it's Phoenix - it's in the hundreds - and summer has began!  It's time to brace ourselves, cuz 100 degrees is low!  Although, I've found that once it hits like 107 - it all feels the same.  After living in up North for most of my life, I'll take the heat anyday!  I hate rain and I hate snow.  It's pretty - but that's about it!  My tan has never looked better than since we moved here!

We've just been up to the usual summer activities here at the Mitchell home.  We spend lots of time at the sprinkler pad and swimming out back in the big kiddie pool.  Every morning, after breakfast, I take the kids on a walk before it gets too warm so they can practice riding on their bikes, and Owen can cruise in his new stroller!  Our goal is to get Porter off his training wheels this summer.  Tess has been dying for some roller skates, so I think we'll buckle and buy her some this week and get her started on that!  That should be fun.  

Just one more week until swimming lessons start, and we're all getting anxious.  I'm curious to see how Owen does.  He loves getting in the pool in his floatation, we'll see how he does when he attempts to put his head under the water!  The kids are doing well and loving playing together and making messes faster than I can clean.  We're having a ball and hope everyone has a fantastic week!  Happy Birthday, Uncle Kevin!  We love you and miss you.


Stephenie Welch said...

What a sweet family. I am dying in this heat...the moisture does not help. Sure like reading about all your fun times. Please send some video of the swimming lessons. Love, Grandma xoxoxox

Bryon said...

Looks like the babies are all getting big. We need to see you on the computer more often.

Brooke said...

That pic is SO cute!! We are just finishing up with swim lessons. Kade wasn't crazy about it at first but now he is loving it!!

Jenna said...

so cute! Yes, it's getting hot. I hope you have fun with swimming lessons! I'm sure Owen will love it.

Amanda said...

You have such a cute family Julie!
Hearing you talk about your summer heat is getting me excited to get out of the PNW. It's 53 degrees right now! I can't wait to be sweating in the hot sun and I'm really excited to get a nice tan.
I love your Mothers/Fathers Day traditions, I may just have to copy you :)