Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I know I've been really bad this month about posting pictures of the kids and writing.  It has honestly been a busy month for us!  Brandon is still finishing up an elementary school in Rexburg, and I've been busy keeping the kids happy and volunteering at the school.  We are getting anxious for Brandon to be back home full-time, which should hopefully happen in a few weeks.  He's actually flying in today for a long weekend with us.  For those of you who don't know, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Brandon.  He turned 31 on Saturday.  It's crazy to think we are well into our 30's now!  He likes to rub it in that I was there before he was.  Age?   What's that??!!

The kids are doing really well.  Porter is loving first grade and is kinda sad to be leaving his friends in his class, but is excited to start a new school after Thanksgiving.  He continues to excel in his studies and just recently got his report card.  His lowest grade was a 98%!  We're hoping he continues this desire to study throughout his schooling years.  

Tess is doing well at home learning pre-school with me.  Her writing and drawing is really improving.  It's so fun to see them grow and change.  She has hit that age where all she wants to do is talk.  She is constantly talking about whatever from the time she gets up to the time she hits the pillow at night.  

Owen is becoming quite the little man and wants to be in complete control of his environment.  We've learned that he is quite the climber and mischievous one.  He is constantly getting into things he shouldn't and trying to pull things apart!  He still has two big loves in his life - and those are his blankie and his momma.  He hollers like crazy if I catch him washing his blanket, and he is jealous of anyone I snuggle with!

We're headed out to see the house on Thursday and will fill you in on the progress there later this week!

Have fun getting ready for Halloween!


The Bluths said...

That's why I have 2 blankets. While one is washing he has the other.

Brooke said...

Great your kids are getting big so fast. We will miss you when you move, but we're excited for your beautiful new home!