Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mitchell Crabfest!

Brandon went to D.C. early in the summer on business and had the opportunity to have a huge crab meal in Baltimore.  Ever since he got home, he's been dying to take the kids to have their first crab eating experience.  We've been looking forward to it for a long time, and figured this weekend was a good time to do it since he's been gone for 3 months now, working in Idaho.  It was a fun family experience that I'm sure the kids will always remember.  Tess was really excited until she actually saw the crab legs!  She was content to eat her clam chowder and that was it.  Porter LOVED it, and ate his and Tess'!  Owen was scared of the claw, but enjoyed the crab meat and the bread.  Everyone's favorite part was watching the live lobsters in the tank.  Porter kindly asked me on our way out when we were going to come back to have lobster!  I told him to save his allowance for a year and then we could go back!


Amy Welch said...
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Amy Welch said...

Wow! What an awesome experience. I bet Tess will be kicking herself in a few years for passing up that delicious crab.

*Sorry- I deleted the last comment so I had to redo it.

The Cowand Family said...

LOL I love that Tess was afraqid of the crab legs. I don't blame her they look scary to me too. But then I am not a seafood person. I love their costumes, Tess looks so pretty!!