Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

Owen was our little fireman, too bad he didn't want to wear his hat.  He looked too cute!

Thanks to Aunty Melanie, Tess was a beautiful version of Belle!  She felt like a true princess!

Porter was our resident fireman in training!  His little fire extinguisher was actually a sort of squirt gun.  It was kinda fun!

We had a WONDERFUL Halloween this year.  We missed the church's trunk-or-treating activity cuz we were off getting Brandon at the airport.  So, we took the plunge and hit the neighborhood on Friday night to take the kids to our friends' houses to do the real thing.  The weather was fantastic and we had a ball running down the street and getting lots of yummy candy!  

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Stephenie Welch said...

We waited at the door for you. We have too much candy left!!