Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tess' First Recital

Brandon and I received a call late Thursday night from someone in the bishopric asking us to give talks this Sunday. Naturally, Brandon said yes.....So, today - I'm taking the only NATURAL course of direction, and procrastinating writing my talk! Why, do you ask, do I do this? Cuz, I'm still mulling over in my mind, exactly what words I should share! So, what better way to use my time, than update the darn blog that has been so sorely neglected. Once again, I'll post several different events today to make up for the lost time.

Our sweet, darling baby Tess had her first dance recital a few weeks ago, and did a WONDERFUL job! She was in a tap number to the tune of "Singin' in the Rain." It was soooo adorable to see her up there on stage dancing with her little friends. We weren't allowed to take our camera inside, but we did manage to sneak a picture of the final bow. We are so proud of her and how well she is progressing in dance. She loves it, so we plan on keeping her in it as long as she wants.

As you can see, she's one of the few that actually got the concept of bowing!! Fafa and Punkin drove up here from Tucson to be with us at her performance, and that was such a nice treat for Tess. Our good friends, who are our neighbors as well, watched the boys for us, so Porter wouldn't have to sit through the recital, and Owen could play at home. THANKS GUYS!! Us adults had a blast watching all the performances, and had a whole slew of laughs in the process. Those little ones are sure fun to watch!

Good luck Miss Tess as you continue to progress in dance. We love you sooooo much!!


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