Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Fun-Filled Family Day!

We decided a few days ago to venture out today and have some good family time. The weather is so nice here right now (we love it in the 90's), and knew it would be a great day to get outside and catch some rays. We started our day with a trip to the Phoenix Zoo. My parents got us a year pass for Christmas last year, and we try to go as much as possible. The kids love it there, and we all love looking at the many animals. Owen is getting so independent now, and was THRILLED to be able to walk most of the zoo. We even ran into some friends from Surprise while we were there, which - - -no pun intended - - was a nice surprise!

The zoo has a great children's area, and once Owen saw the slide - he was hooked. I had to grab him, howling and screaming, to get him to leave! We'll be sure to head back there many more times this year!

On the way home, we stopped off at the Mesa Temple to walk the grounds and take the kids to the visitor's center. Brandon and I are both giving talks in church tomorrow on families and the Temple, and thought it was an appropriate time to take the kids there again and teach them the importance and the holiness of the Temple. I just love this picture of the kids.....they are getting soooo big and sooo old!

Our big news this week is that we finally got Porter into a charter school we'd been on the waiting list for. I had checked out two different schools, and had him on the list at both...but was really hoping for one called Eduprize. We got the call a few days ago and were thrilled that he got in! He starts in August. We'll keep you all posted on how he likes it. We're excited for him to have a more intense academic program. That little boy sure loves to learn and simply cannot get enough. Our little NASA scientist in the making is sure excited for his new school!

We hope everyone is doing well and happy and we send our love on to y'all!!


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