Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

We hope everyone had a wonderful father's day. We sure did here at the Mitchell household. We have a tradition of letting the kids individually pick out their gifts for their dad - and they can get what they want - no matter how silly it may be. I told the kids yesterday to pick out what they thought dad would love. Porter got Brandon two bags of his favorite chips, Tess got him a bat and a wiffle ball, and Owen got him some detail supplies for the car!! I thought they did pretty well. (For Mother's day, Porter had gotten me laundry soap and Tess had bought me an order of french fries!!) I'm curious to see what they pick out as they get older. We made daddy a big breakfast and let him take a big nap this afternoon. The kids also got him an apron for when he's grilling and decorated it to look like Superman, but it said SuperDaddy instead.

Our week here was pretty usual, although it has gotten really hot here! We only play outside in the early morning now. We're still enjoying the sun though. Porter is really excited for his birthday this week and has been asking how many days have to go by until the big day. Tess officially mastered her tricycle this week. She's such a fast learner. With minimal instruction, she's now wizzing all over forwards and backwards and in circles. Owen continues to be the perfect child. He slept for 11 hours straight last night, which was soooo nice. He loves to talk and smile at everyone!

We hope everyone has a good week. Tune in next week for a detailed report on Porter's birthday!

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burlem said...

sounds like another good week. I enjoyed our long conversation on sunday and thanks for the fathers day call. Love Uncle Eddie