Sunday, June 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Porter!!

Well, we had a really fun week here at the Mitchells! The highlight of the week was Porter's birthday, but we did a lot of fun things to celebrate. Tuesday Julie took the kids with some new friends to a movie and lunch at one of the local elementary schools. One of the theaters in the area plays a kiddie movie that has already been released onto DVD for free on Tuesday mornings for a fun outing for kids. They showed the movie "Barnyard" and the kids had a lot of fun.

Wednesday, which was Porter's birthday, we started off our day with an outing to a local sprinkler pad nearby. It's like a big sidewalk area with water features that the kids can run through and play with. We had a blast. That will be our regular Wednesday morning activity with our new friends here in Surprise.

Wednesday night we celebrated Porter's birthday just us as a family. Yesterday was the big PARTY!!! FaFa and Punkin drove up from Tucson to join us and we had 5 of Porter's new friends come over for a party. We colored, made party hats, played candyland and chutes and ladders, played with porter's nerf dart gun, decorated cupcakes, ate the cupcakes with ice cream and opened the presents and then played with the presents. Everyone went home happy and loaded with sugar!

We then got to enjoy the rest of the day with my grandparents. We loved having them visit. Little Owen sure has a special bond with his great-grandma and loves to be held by her. Last night Brandon built a big fort with chairs and blankets in the living room and slept under it with the kids for fun. FaFa and Punkin left this morning and many tears were shed by the kiddies as we said good-bye. We promised to head to Tucson for a visit in the next month or so, so the kids will be looking forward to that.

Life sure is busy here and as the weeks go by sometimes I wonder how fast these little one's childhood is slipping by. I can't believe how fast Owen is growing up. He's gotten so cute and so fat!! We sure are grateful to have them. We wouldn't trade anything in the world for them. Everyone sends their love and kisses and hugs from the kids!

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Rockstar Jade said...


I am so glad you had such a fun time at your party and on your Birthday week! I miss you. When will you be coming home to play with me?