Sunday, July 8, 2007

Agua Caliente
We had a great week here in Surprise! Brandon only had to work Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, so we got to have Daddy home for more days than not. Brandon and Porter went to see the new Transformers movie on the fouth of July and they had a ball. Brandon said that Porter's eyes were glued to the screen the whole time!! We had a relaxing holiday and other than the movie, we played with the kids and hung out and had a family day here at home.
Friday morning we headed out for Tucson to spend a couple of days with Fafa and Punkin. (My grandparents - they've got great nicknames!) We LOVE to see them and are grateful they live so close. A few hours later and lots of kiddie songs in the car, we were there. Brandon and Fafa took Porter and Tess swimming while Punkin, Owen and I hung out at the house. Punkin is Owen's favorite and he was very happy to see her. After swimming and playing for awhile Brandon and I took off for a date. (You can't go to their house and not let them watch the kids. They practially forced us to go out!!!) It was so nice of them to offer to watch the kiddies while we went out. We went and saw Ocean's Thirteen, which was fun.
We all got up early on Saturday and headed out to Agua Caliente Park. It's a 101 acre aquatic/riparian habitat surrounded by the Sonoran Desert just outside of Tucson. It was a way cool place; like a little oasis out in the desert! Punkin brought bread and the kids got to feed the ducks, which they loved. Punkin, Porter and Tess were also interviewed by a reporter for the Arizona Star, so we'll have to watch Thursday's edition to see if they made the cut!! We really enjoyed our time there and plan to go back when the weather gets a little cooler so we can stay and have a picnic next time.
We are looking forward to Porter's swimming lessons that start tomorrow. We'll let you know next Sunday how they've gone. I'm going to try to get Tess to cooperate with potty-training again starting tomorrow. She was interested for a few days, and then changed her mind - so we're going to give it another go. Owen turned 4 months old last week and started cutting two teeth. So, as long as we keep the teething tablets and tylenol handy, he's seems to be handling it well.
The kids send hugs and kisses to everyone! Until next week.......

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