Sunday, July 15, 2007

It's Swim Time!

Well, it's been another hot week here in Surprise, and it's no doubt that we are definetly in the middle of summer! We are doing the best we can to stay cool and are more than happy to pay our high electric bill! We didn't do much more than the ordinary this week, but had fun all the same.

Tuesday I took the kids to the movies again and they actually got to see a movie that they hadn't seen before. We then met up with Brandon for lunch, which was fun. It's always nice to see him during the day. Wednesday we did our weekly trek to the sprinkler pad. I always have to drag the kids home. They absolutely love it there. I may start taking them more than once a week before school starts for fun.

We got exciting news this week - well, at least I think so - Porter has to wear a uniform to school. I've always loved that idea and so we went to a uniform sale this week and just need to pick up a few more items. He is getting sooooo excited for school to start. I am too, because you can tell he's getting tired of Tess picking on him all day long! So, we have just under a month until he starts.

Porter started his swimming lessons this week and is doing GREAT!! I'll take some pictures this week at his last lesson and post them next Sunday. I keep forgetting to take the camera! We are so proud of him. He has just about mastered the "doggie paddle" and can swim pretty good under water, which is a huge step for him. I've actually been able to convince him to now put his head under water in the tub to wash his hair now! (Now I just need to convince him that taking a shower is like a sprinkler!)

Tess wanted nothing to do with the potty this week - - - What happened to girls being easier to train than boys??!!! I guess with Tess - everything is different! We'll give her a couple of weeks break and then try it again. Anyone with suggestions, please let me know!

Sweet little Owen is now eating his rice cereal twice a day. He just loves to eat! We've decided he'll be our football player for sure. He's doing really well and loves any and all attention he gets from his siblings.

Brandon and I are doing great. They actually poured the foundation on the Mayo Clinic building he's working on this week, so that was exciting. They had to do it in the middle of the night because of the heat. My week was the usual, although I've added a bunch of exercise to meet some personal goals. I hit my goal for the week, so that made me happy.

We hope everyone is doing well. The kids send kisses and "bear hugs" to everyone!

Until next week........

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