Sunday, July 1, 2007

Summer Fun!

We've had another fun week here at the Mitchells. It's getting REALLY hot here and we're adapting our daily routine to accomodate that. We're finding fun things to do in the water and inside as well. Tuesday I took the kids to some friend's house in Queen Creek for a play date. That made for a fun outing and I also got introduced to a digital scrapbooking program, so now I've found my new project for a while to catch up on all of the million photos we have! We went to the sprinkler pad again on Wednesday and again yesterday with Daddy. We sure love that place and go as often as we can. I think we'll start out our fourth of July this week with an outing over there!

Porter got to go to a birthday party Wednesday for one of his new friends. He had a lot of fun and came home all excited about his new friends. He has one more week until his swimming lessons start. He's getting anxious for that. We found out this week that school starts Aug 13th, so only 6 more weeks until school starts. Starting so early is weird for me being from Seattle. Up there they don't start until after Labor day and then are in school until the end of June! We'll be done here by May 22nd!

Tess is getting to be more of a handful everyday. She truly epitomizes the terrible two's. One minute she's great and then next she's super unhappy! We love her just the same! She loves to explore and entertain us whenever she can. She is constantly doing something that makes us die with laughter.

Little Owen is getting bigger and bigger everyday. I started him on rice cereal this week because he's always sooooo hungry! He's doing well with it so far, so hopefully, that should help keep him full! He will be 4 months old this week. I absolutely love this age. It's one of my favorites. He's so fun as he's interacting with us and smiling and jabbering all the time.

Brandon and I are doing well. Brandon continues to enjoy his new job and has spent a lot of time practicing his guitar this week. He really enjoys to do that and write music as well. As I said before, I've found my new hobby in digital scrapbooking. I enjoy it because I can work on it in small incriments. It's soooo much more convienient than getting all of my papers and junk out all the time. We enjoy most spending time together and with the kids. We hope everyone has a great 4th of July this week. Happy Bar-b-queing!!

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Meet the Houdeks said...

I can't believe how much owen looks like his daddy. He's going to be a good looking kid just like his big brother(and his daddy too). I'm glad that everything is doing great for all of you.